Pack List

View all items in our one person, two person and four person packs.

Please note that we have not yet finalized all items and this list is subject to change.

1 Person Pack2 Person Pack4 Person Family Pack
BackpackBackpack + Dry Bag BackpackBackpack + Dry Bag Backpack + 2 Day Packs
Large Poncho Tarp 2 Large Ponchos Tarp 2 Large Ponchos Tarp 
2 Small Ponchos
1 pair Work Gloves1 pair Work Gloves2 pair Work Gloves
beanie hat (wool blend)2 beanie hats (wool blend)4 beanie hats (wool blend)
Socks (wool blend)2 pair Socks (part wool)4 pair Socks (part wool)
Sleep and WarmthSleep and WarmthSleep and Warmth
Sleeping Bag2 Sleeping Bags4 Sleeping Bags
Fleece Blanket2 Fleece Blankets4 Fleece Blankets
Sleeping Pad and Pillow2 Sleeping Pads and Pillows4 Sleeping Pads and Pillows
Base CampBase CampBase Camp
Tent (Trekker 1.0)Tent (Trekker Tent 2.2)Tent (Trekker Tent 4 Person)
Trekking Poles (Carbon Poles)Trekking Poles (Carbon Poles)Trekking Poles (Carbon Poles)
Small Day PackSmall Day Pack2 Small Day Packs
Quick Dry Towel2 Quick Dry Towels2 Quick Dry Towels
Chair2 Chairs2 Chairs
Tent Kit (Fabric Repair Tape, Extra Stakes, guyline kit)Tent Kit (Fabric Repair Tape, Extra Stakes, guyline kit)Tent Kit (Fabric Repair Tape, Extra Stakes, guyline kit)
Sun ProtectionSun ProtectionSun Protection
Sun Glasses (Safety Glasses)Sun Glasses (Safety Glasses)2 Sun Glasses (Safety Glasses)
SunscreenSunscreen2 Sunscreen
Lip Balm (15 spf)2 Lip Balm (15 spf)4 Lip Balm (15 spf)
Bug ProtectionBug ProtectionBug Protection
Mosquito Bug Mesh Net Hat2 Mosquito Bug Mesh Net Hat4 Mosquito Bug Mesh Net Hat
Mosquito Bracelet2 Mosquito Bracelets4 Mosquito Bracelets
Bug Repellent Wipes (2)Bug Repellent Wipes (4)Bug Repellent Wipes (8)
Fresh Water (48 oz, 4 cans Blue Water)Fresh Water (48 oz, 8 cans Blue Water)Fresh Water (48 oz, 16 cans Blue Water)
Water Filter with compressible water bottleWater Filter with compressible water bottleWater Filter with compressible water bottle
3 Liter Water Hydration bag3 Liter Water Hydration bag3 Liter Water Hydration bag
Water Purification TabletsWater Purification TabletsWater Purification Tablets
Water Bottle2 Water Bottles4 Water Bottles
Cooking GearCooking GearCooking Gear
2 Pans2 Pans2 large Pans
Bio Fuel StoveBio Fuel StoveBio Fuel Stove
Gas BurnerGas BurnerGas Burner
Mug/cup (aluminum with lid)2 Mug/cups (aluminum with lid)4 Mug/cups (aluminum with lid)
Spork with Knife2 Sporks with Knife4 Sporks with Knife
Peak Meals 8 Dinner Servings, 4 Breakfast ServingsPeak Meals 12 Dinner Servings, 8 Breakfast ServingsPeak Meals 24 Dinner Servings, 16 Breakfast Servings
8 Day Survival Tabs (100 Tabs / 4 Packs)12 Day Survival Tabs (100 Tabs / 4 Packs)24 Days of Survival Tabs (100 Tabs / 4 Packs)
PaKSnaKs 4 packPakSnaks 8 packPakSnaks 16 pack
Salt and Pepper (4 each)Salt and Pepper (4 each)Salt and Pepper (8 each)
Lighting and ElectricalLighting and ElectricalLighting and Electrical
Headlamp (rechargeable)Headlamp (rechargeable)2 Headlamps (rechargeable)
Emergency Light/RadioEmergency Light/RadioEmergency Light/Radio
Battery Pack Solar Charger in oneSolar Charger 6.5 WattSolar Charger 10 Watt
Battery Pack Battery Pack 
Matches + Waterproof ContainerMatches + Waterproof ContainerMatches + Waterproof Container
Fire Starter SticksFire Starter SticksFire Starter Sticks
8 Hour emergency Candles (2)8 Hour emergency Candles (2)8 Hour emergency Candles (2)
Gear and SurvivalGear and SurvivalGear and Survival
Multi Tool KnifeMulti Tool KnifeMulti Tool Knife
6mm carabiner (2 pcs) 6mm carabiner (2 pcs) 6mm carabiner (4 pcs) 
Duct TapeDuct Tape2 Duct Tapes 
Sewing KitSewing KitSewing Kit
55 Gallon Garbage Bags55 Gallon Garbage Bags (2)55 Gallon Garbage Bags (4)
Fun and PersonalFun and PersonalFun and Personal
Paper Pad and PencilPaper Pad and PencilPaper Pad and Pencil (2 each)
Playing CardsPlaying CardsPlaying Cards
Survival Guide BookletSurvival Guide BookletSurvival Guide Booklet
USB drive for digital filesUSB drive for digital filesUSB drive for digital files
First Aid Kit (1 person version)First Aid Kit (2 person version)First Aid (4 Person family Version)
First aid guide First aid guide First aid guide 
4 Alcohol Pads10 Alcohol padsTweezers
1 large bandage2 2″x2″ Conforming gauze padsVinyl gloves, disposable
1 medical tape4 Sting relief prep padsEmergency whistle
10 strip bandagesTweezers7 Sting relief prep pads
2 swabsConforming bandage 5cmx4m6 Antiseptic towelettes
2 safety pinsConforming bandage 7.5cmx4m4 Alcohol pads
1 triangular Bandage5 strip bandages5″x9″ Abdominal/combine pad
1 medical tape20 3/8″x1.5″ Small strip bandages
2 safety pins10 3/4″x3″Regular size strip bandages
1 Knuckle bandage H
10 Butterflies bandages
2 Knee bandages 
1 4″x4″ Gauze pad
2 3″x3″ Gauze pad
4 2″x2″ Conforming gauze pads
1-1/2″ Adhesive tape
Conforming bandage 6cmx4m
Personal Hygiene Kit (1 person)Personal Hygiene Kit (2 person)Personal Hygiene Kit (4 person)
2 Compressed Tissue Wipes 5 Compressed Tissue Wipes 10 pack tissue wet wipes (10 in waterproof tube)
Toilet PaperToilet Paper2 toilet paper rolls (550 sheet 2 Ply Commercial grade)
Toothbrush 2 Toothbrushes 4 tooth Brushes
Toothpaste2 Toothpaste4 tooth paste
Deodorant2 Deodorant4 deodorant
Deodorant Soap (Bio Friendly vegetable based)Deodorant Soap (Bio Friendly vegetable based)4 soap bars
Nail FileNail File2 nail files
Razor Blade2 Razor Blade4 razor blades
Shaving Cream Gel Packet2 Shaving Cream Gel Packet4 shave cream packets
CombComb2 combs
Tissue PackTissue Pack4 tissue packs
Shampoo 2 ozShampoo 2 oz2 shampoos
Hand Sanitizer 2 ozHand Sanitizer 2 oz2 Hand Sanitizers 2 oz
Shower CapShower Cap4 Shower Caps
Cloth face Mask (2)Cloth face Mask (4)8 face cloth masks
N95 Mask2 N95 Mask4 N95 disposable masks
4 Advil4 Advil8 Advil
Triple Antibiotic Ointment2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment4 Triple Antibiotic Ointments
Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Cream2 Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Cream4 anti itch packets