Preparedness Pack, Survival Kit and More

What is Life in a Pack?

Life in a Pack is an all in one survival pack to help you through rough times in life or on the trail. A Life in a Pack includes food and supplies for up to a week of survival, just add water.

Life in a Pack is an emergency preparedness pack, bug out bag, 72 hour kit, and backpacking kit all in one.

Who needs a Life in a Pack?

At Life in a Pack we have a motto: Whatever Your Why. This motto reminds us that Life in a Pack is for everyone. We strive to make a product that will help everyone prepare for the unexpected events in their lives.

Perfect for individuals and families to keep in their car or other easy to grab location.

How do I use Life in a Pack?


Ready to Go

Store in your car, ready to use in an emergency situation. Fire, flood, or more. Now you have food, water and shelter.


Emergencies Big or Small

Keep it in your garage. Now you know where the flashlights are during the next power outage. Plus cook a meal in the backyard with fire-starter and easy dehydrated meals.


Backpacking Kit

Not sure how to get started backpacking? Grab this pack and go on a weekend hike.



Car break down? Keep the pack in your trunk for easy access to a sleeping bag, pad, pillow and water while you wait for help.

Cost Effective

Get over 50 items at a fraction of the cost. We’ve found cost effective and high quality products to include in our Life Pack. From our Life Pack Backpack to our sleep system and more. See the savings for yourself.

1 Person Pack


gets you all this and much more!



retail value

Sleeping System


(pad, pillow, sleeping bag)
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What’s Inside Life in a Pack?

Food and Water

Life in a Pack includes a weeks supply of food, a days supply of canned water, a water filter and water purifying tablets.

Sleeping Pad, Bag and Pillow

We know you want to be comfortable, even in an emergency. We’ve included a warm weather sleeping bag, large sleeping pad and a self inflating pillow.

Tent and Backpack

Life in a Pack includes a large 70L backpack, an easy to set up trekking pole tent, and trekking poles.

What Else Should I Know?

Rest Assured

Our Life In A Pack packs provide you with all of the essential items to be prepared for unexpected events in life, from the extremes of natural disasters to the more common place of power outages. A Life in a Pack provides you with the assurance you need to be free.

Freedom Included

With all the essentials to live for three days to a week in one pack, you have the freedom to leave at a moments notice. From backpacking through the mountains to camping out in your backyard, you have the freedom to go.

Whatever Your Why

Life In A Pack aims to give you freedom. From a local emergency to a spontaneous backpacking trip: whatever your why Life in a Pack has you covered.